Update on the Happiness Project

Well, it happened… I feel off of the “happy” wagon. I had one bad day last week, and it set the everything up for a spiraling downfall.  I was so embarrassed by my “failure” that I was afraid to even blog about it!  But, I decided today to keep pushing through and start again.  I remembering hearing a wonderful analogy that stuck with me.  “If you break a plate, you wouldn’t go into the cabinet and break all the others”.  So, when life gets messy and complicated, just keep pushing through.  

So, here I am.  Starting over on my happiness journey.  Step one: clean my house! haha

As some of you may know, I am getting married in a few short months, and I will be having my bridal shower next weekend!  If anyone is interested in seeing how I am organizing my shower, the favors, prizes, etc. let me know! I would love to share my planning experiences and wedding adventure with you all!




“The Happiness Project”

After I mentioned to a friend my goals for the new year, she recommended the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin http://gretchenrubin.com/.

I did a little amazon research of my own and thought this book would be something I might enjoy!  I’m not normally interested in “self help” books, but thought maybe this would bring me the insight I am looking for!

I just started the book yesterday, so I cannot give an opinion on it yet, but when I finish it, I will let you know!

Have any of you read “The Happiness Project”?  Any other recommendations? I’d love to know!



Changes for 2014

Can you even believe that is already 2014?? Where did 2013 go? I’m pretty sure I was still writing 2012 halfway through this past year! I couldn’t be more excited for 2014 though, with my wedding in May, Matt’s new company taking off, and hopefully renovating our kitchen and finishing our basement!  There will be lots of posts about that stuff 🙂 

There are also many things that I am striving for personally in this new year:

  • I am going to try to stop watching so much TV and start reading more (No, Emily, Cosmo and Glamour don’t count) 
  • I am going to focus less on the number on my scale, and more on my overall  health. 
  • I am going to organize and declutter my life. (This will be a challenge for me…)
  • I am going to do one kind thing for someone every day, even it it means helping move someone’s box at work (happened today)
  • And most importantly, I am going to live life to the fullest each and every day.  I am going to wake up with the mantra “today is the first day of the rest of your life”  (quote from Shay of the Shaytards on YouTube) 

I would love to hear about your changes for the new year, and what exciting things you have coming up! 




The Sunshine Corner

Well, here we go!  This my third try at starting a blog, and I hope this is the last.  I’ve always wanted a place to share all of my hobbies and passions, so I created a home decor blog, a makeup obsession blog, and a lifestyle blog! I loved them all, but I felt like I couldn’t express all of my loves in the same place, so it got complicated and I stopped blogging. 

I hope this can be the place I can share all of my favorite things and spread a little “sunshine”, and cheesy as that is!