Do you have a crystal ball?

I just need a vent session- someone to complain to with an unbiased view.  Basically, I feel like a dumbass.  A few weeks ago, we were going to be redoing our kitchen and living in the house for a few years.  Then, the estimates started rolling in and we quickly realized that it wasn’t going to happen.  We decided to explore the idea of moving, since it was something that we knew we would have to do eventually.  The house is too small in general, with only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  We thought maybe this was a sign to move!  

Just a few days ago I was talking to my neighbor who was looking to move, and crazy enough, she had just sold her house to a builder who is flipping the houses in the neighborhood!  I thought it sounded like an incredible deal, so I reached out to them as well. Sure enough- he was interested in buying ours too!  It’s unbelievable!  He is willing to pay a lot more than we owe on the house, in cash!  Things like that don’t work out so easily in life! We said okay, agreed on the price and had the contract drawn up with a closing days set 90 days after the signatures.  We started looking at houses, talking to our realtor and attorney!  Then, the worst news ever came.  

I was talking to our mortgage broker about the pre-approval amount and whatnot, and found out that due to Matt being self employed for less than a full year (only 8 months) he does not qualify for a mortgage loan! He is the one who makes the money! The loan officer said we can try on my salary alone, but that will just be a joke.  I mean, i get it.  Someone self employed is more risky, but if they dug around a little deeper, they would see that he goes through another company to be dispatched, so he does have a secure income!  

I then found out from a friend who’s husband is an accountant, that the state taxes the crap out of a profit from selling a house if you didn’t own it for a full two years. Of course, we will own it for two years in November. I just cannot understand how everything can go SO right, and then fall apart.  

I just feel like such a dumbass telling people what’s going on, and then telling them how it changed, AGAIN! I look like I have no idea what’s going- which I really don’t.  I need to just shut my mouth and not talk to people about stuff like that, but it’s hard for me because I am such a social and talkative person!

Has anyone gone through something like this? Any suggestions for me? I wish I could look into a crystal ball and see my future!

xoxo, Emily  


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