Kitchen Demolition

Well, if you have read this blog before, you know that we were going to remodel our house, then got an offer to sell it, but that fell through, so back to remodeling!  I am happy that the offer fell through, because we love this house.  Our goal was to turn it into our dream house, and we are back at it! 

We started this project very quickly, and a few days later- this is our progress!  

The before of our kitchen.  All 1950’s style… 



We decided to tear down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to open the whole space up a bit.  It’s incredible how much better it looks! 




4 5


(You have to stop for some puppy love)





So, this is where we are at! A whole lot of demo done, and a whole lot of dust!  

We are 90% through the demolition. Maybe in my next post I will go through a list of what we have to do, and what we have finished.  

Cross your fingers that this goes smoothly! 



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